In Insyte Instalaciones, S.A. our work is organised according to the duration and difficulty of the task, creating work teams, with quality and process managers and supervisors.

Our flexibility and agility and vitally important for us and these two elements are always used to the benefit of the customer. We are always aware of the difficulties of certain works, in which sometimes working conditions are risky, outdoors, at night-time, etc. Nevertheless, all of these aspects are assumed by our staff and are part of our working dynamics.

Insyte Instalaciones, S.A. has its own vehicles for the transportation of the equipments to be installed.

As for the workers at Insyte Instalaciones, S.A. they are all highly qualified. They have clear ideas with regard to quality, they know how to control their activities and are considerably motivated. The incentive system for our staff has to do with the quality standards required, the time invested in the works and their conclusion, their availability, mobility, care for their working environment, the tools they use, personal safety and for the rest of the people in the work team. These incentives are translated into money paid by week, month of after the work has been finished, in accordance to what agreed.

Since sometimes work is not easy, or certain staff members do no understand the company's atmosphere, aims and results, we frequently hold meetings with our workers around the national territory, in order to exchange our impressions, establish strategies with regard to their labour situation or to the working site, trying to solve problems with other people involved (other suppliers), improve our company's dynamics and achieve our main aims, etc.

The supervision of works is under the responsibility of a team manager, who has to remain in touch with the different works teams and visit the work sites. The manager of the facilities supervises and assesses al least once a week all the technical and human aspects, making suggestions, corrections, making joint considerations and assessments as required.